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Bitlomat Bitlomat 100
Bitlomat 100, 5 GHz, Embedded High-gain, 30 Degree Wide, Dual-polarized Directional Antenna With 16.5 dBi Gain. BT100-US.
Bitlomat 100, 5 GHz, CPE, 16.5 dBi Gain. BT100-US.
Direct Online Price: $89.00
More Coming In. Call for Delivery.

Detailed Description

Bitlomat 100

The Bitlomat 100 is a compact and cost-effective wireless device that can be used as a CPE in point-to-multipoint networks, as a point-to-point directional device in a bridge set-up, or as a narrow-beam base station in a small point-to-multipoint set-up.

The Bitlomat 100 embeds a high gain, 30 degree wide, dual-polarized directional antenna with a gain up to 16.5 dBi.

Once Bitlomat Active Beam-forming technology is made available on the market, Bitlomat 100 will be compatible natively with any Bitlomat Base Station implementing Active Beam-forming technology. Therefore, by using Bitlomat 100 devices as CPEs in your point-to-multipoint network, you will be able to immediately and seamlessly updagrade to Active Beam-forming technology by upgrading only your base station and with no need of a hardware or software upgrade on your CPEs.

Note: Warranty is void unless shielded outdoor cable and connectors are used.

Ambassador Radio UI
Your radios' official representative

Ambassador is the most advanced web-based user interface available for outdoor wireless products. Bitlomat aims to provide the easiest solution for wireless internet service providers who want to implement a large scale outdoor wireless infrastructure. Ambassador allows straightforward configuration of advanced network parameters for customers with minimal training and experience in wireless networking.

The user can select among multiple network set-ups and then fine tune the configuration based on site-specific needs.

Ambassador allows the user to configure key parameters that are critical in a large scale deployment, such as:
  • Channel assignment
  • Network security parameters and encryption
  • Maximum throughput per client/CPE
  • Guaranteed throughput (SLA) per client/CPE
  • Quality of Service (QoS)
  • MAC address control (white lists and black lists)
  • Skype/VOIP optimization and/or blocking
  • Video streaming optimization or blocking/shaping
  • File sharing blocking/shaping
  • Parental control/adult content blocking

Ambassador allows the user to monitor the network parameters in real time, and it guides the user though troubleshooting in case the network is experiencing an issue.

Passport Point to Multipoint
Never let any BIT travel without it.

Bitlomat has developed Passport, an innovative point-to-multipoint TDM-derived protocol with the needs of large scale outdoor networks and wireless internet

Passport resolves the hidden terminal issue that is the root cause of poor performance in many large scale wireless networks, and provides the network operator with the highest throughput and spectrum efficiency available on the market.service providers (WISPs) in mind.

Passport implements an advanced medium access control protocol to allow for fine-grain configuration of the guaranteed bandwidth that each client should have in the network. A WISP can create different classes of traffic and users, providing different guaranteed throughput on the same wireless network based on the access level or SLA that each user has subscribed to.

Passport is available for free for all Bitlomat products and comes embedded in the Bitlomat firmare.

Click to download data sheet (.pdf)

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