Orthogon Systems Gemini 5.8GHz, 30 Mbps, NLOS (Non Line-Of-Sight) Wireless Ethernet Bridge (Integrated); BP5730BH20-2CC

>HD22883 OS-Gemini Lite 5.8GHz, 30 Mbps, NLOS Wireless Ethernet Bridge ( 2 Radios ) (Integrated); BP5730BH20-2CC (Call For Current Pricing)

Quick Specs
Frequency Range: 5.8GHz
Bandwidth: 20 Mbps
RF Connector Type: None
Frequency Band: 5GHz
RF Power Out: 24 dBm
Equipment Use: PTP Bridge
Internal Antenna: Yes
HD22883 OS-Gemini Lite 5.8GHz NLOS Wireless Ethernet Bridge (Integrated)
(Orthogon P/N: PTP 58400 Lite, motorola BP5730BH20-2BB )

High-Availability Wireless Ethernet Bridges
Your solution for obstructed and high-interference environments as well as long-range line-of-sight links, including those over water.

Which word best defines success in wireless connectivity? Is it availability? Reliability? How about speed?
Consider this: 85% of properties 1500 feet apart have no optical Line-of-Sight path between their roofs. For them, a conventional wireless solution won’t work 75% of the time. OS-Gemini succeeds over 99% of the time.

By any measure, the OS-Gemini point-to-point, 5.8GHz wireless Ethernet bridges succeed where more conventional solutions disappoint. We achieve far more reliable connections, much more often, at faster data rates – because OS-Gemini solutions can maintain as high as 99.999% availability in challenging environments. Even in supposedly connection-friendly applications, OS-Gemini radios protect against the transient attenuation, fading and dispersion that degrade all wireless signals.

OS-Gemini Integrated: With up to 44 Mbps Ethernet data rate and a built-in antenna, the OS-Gemini Integrated is the perfect choice for Non-Line-of-Sight (NLoS) and near-Line-of-Sight (nLoS) environments.

A Unique Technology Combination

OS-Gemini’s success (and therefore yours as well) results from a unique combination of technologies – the overall effect of which is much more powerful than using any of them individually. You can acquire this combination in a surprisingly small form factor that is easy to install and maintain, even in aesthetically or physically restrictive environments. These technologies include:
  • Multi-Beam Space Time Coding: OS-Gemini radiates multiple beams from the antenna – the effect of which is to significantly protect against fading and to radically increase the probability that the receiver will decode a useable signal.
  • Best-In-Class Radio: A powerful transmitter combined with a super-sensitive receiver delivers a class-leading 168 dB system gain. This is 25 times better than the performance of our closest competitor.
  • Inteligent Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (i-OFDM): OFDM is now the industry-recognised method of reducing interference caused by signals that take multiple paths arriving out of phase at the receiver. OS-Gemini takes this technology further by using more sub-carriers and pilot tones than our competitors to provide class-leading capability for handling multipath dispersion and instant fade recovery.
  • Advanced Spectrum Management with i-DFS: Our inteligent Dynamic Frequency Selection (i-DFS) is at the heart of our exceptional spectrum management capabilities. At power-up and all during operation, OS-Gemini scans the band – 500 times a second – and automatically switches to the clearest channel. Our 25-hour, time-stamped database alerts you to any interference that does exist and provides statistics that help you pinpoint which channels offer the clearest data paths. This is “licensed-band, interference-free performance in an unlicensed band!”
  • Adaptive Modulation: Transmitter and receiver negotiate the highest mutually sustainable data rate – then dynamically “upshift” and “downshift” the rate as conditions change. OS-Gemini always provides the maximum performance possible within the current power limits.
  • Spatial Diversity: As the only license-free radio to have the capabilities of Spatial Diversity, OS-Gemini enables two distinct paths that are not simultaneously affected by fading or multipath – giving you a very reliable link in adverse conditions.

Power Up and Point
OS-Gemini radios are easy to install and automatically select the clearest channel, modulation scheme and transmit power for the link. A link comprises two outdoor units and two indoor units complete with the required mounting kit. Large antenna beamwidth simplifies the initial connection, and an audio tone assists the installer to optimise link alignment. The indoor unit (about the size of a pocket dictionary) connects to power and your LAN. The small outdoor unit is a neutral color, making it ideal for aesthetically restrictive areas.

Productivity Payoff
OS-Gemini’s performance means more productive users, fewer connection points and, ultimately, much lower cost of ownership. You avoid the expense of leased lines, the disruptions of unreliable service and the hassles of trying to find Line-of-Sight locations. OS-Gemini is usually the lower-cost option when you consider:
  • The business impact from low-availability and unreliable or slow wireless solutions
  • Easy remote management and maintenance with our onboard software
  • The effects of relocations, foliage growth or building construction

Put OS-Gemini To Work for You
  • Service Providers: Where geography is a challenge and infrastructure a priority, mobile operators and Internet providers can offer super-reliable, robust coverage. Simply use OS-Gemini to backhaul traffic from multiple wireless LAN access points to a point of presence.
  • Vertical Markets: Are you looking to create a seamless meshed network over a wide geographic area covering multiple buildings and open spaces? OS-Gemini is an extraordinarily cost-effective, high-powered alternative for a wide variety of organisations including government agencies, universities, schools and hospitals.
  • Enterprises: A single OS-Gemini link can provide a high-capacity, secure link, quickly creating a seamless local area network between company headquarters and a warehouse, branch office, service centre or other facility.
Technical Specifications For The OS-Gemini Systems
Radio Technology Remarks
RF Band 5.725 GHz – 5.850 GHz (ISM)
Channel Size 12 MHz
Channel Selection / Dynamic Frequency Control By Inteligent Dynamic Frequency Selection (i-DFS) or manual intervention; automatic detection on start-up and continual adaptation to avoid interference
Transmit Power Control Adaptive, varying between 25 dBm and -10 dBm according to modulation selected and radio path
System Gain Integrated & Connectorised: Varies with modulation mode and antenna type between 138 dB and 168 dB with 23 dBi integrated antenna*

Connectorised: Up to 166 dB and 195 dB*
Receiver Sensitivity Adaptive; varying between -96.0 dBm and -72 dBm according to modulation selected
Modulation Dynamic, 8 modes adapting between BPSK and 64 QAM
Error Correction FEC, ARQ
Duplex Scheme TDD ratio 50:50, 66:33; same or split frequency Tx/Rx
Antenna: Type/Gain/B/W

Integrated: Integrated flat plate 23 dBi / 7°

Connectorised: Approved to operate with flat plate up to 28 dBi. Parabolic dish up to 37.7 dBi; connected via 2 x N-type female

Range Up to 124 miles (200km) **
Data Rates OS-Gemini: Up to 44 Mbps; dynamically variable with modulation range from 3.0 Mbps to 44 Mbps (aggregate)

OS-Gemini Lite: Up to 22 Mbps; dynamically variable with modulation range from 1.5 Mbps to 22 Mbps (aggregate)
Security & Encryption Proprietary scrambling mechanism; optional AES 128 Bit Encryption
* Gain may vary based on regulatory domain
** In all cases the range limit is set by the latest software release

Ethernet Bridging Remarks
Protocol IEEE 802.3
User Data Throughput OS-Gemini: Dynamically variable up to 44 Mbps at the Ethernet (aggregate)

OS-Gemini Lite: Dynamically variable up to 22 Mbps at the Ethernet (aggregate)
Packet Prioritization IEEE 802.1p
Interface 10 BASE-T / 100 BASE-T (RJ-45)-auto MDI/MDIX switching
Management & Installation Remarks
LED Indicators Power status, Ethernet link status and activity
System Management Web Server and SNMP
Installation Built-in audio assistance for link optimisation
Connection Distance between outdoor unit and primary network connection: up to 100 metres (330')
Physical Remarks
Dimensions Integrated Outdoor Unit (ODU): Width 370 mm (14.5"), Height 370 mm (14.5"), Depth 95 mm (3.75")

Connectorised ODU: Width 305 mm (12"), Height 305 mm (12"), Depth 105 mm (4.1")

Powered Indoor Unit (PIDU Plus): Width 250 mm (9.75"), Height 40 mm (1.5"), Depth 80 mm (3")
Weight Integrated ODU: 5.5 kg (12.1 lbs) including bracket

Connectorised ODU: 4.3 kg (9.1 lbs) including bracket

PIDU Plus: 864 g (1.9 lbs)
Wind speed 242 kph (150 mph)
Power supply Integrated with Indoor Unit
Power source 90-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz / 36-60V DC
Power consumption 55 W max
Environmental & Regulatory Remarks
Operating temperature -40°C (-40°F) to +60°C (+140°F), including solar radiation
Protection & safety IP65/UL60950; IEC60950; EN60950; CSA-C22.2 No. 60950
Radio FCC Part 15, sub-part C 15.247, Eire ComReg 03/42, UK Approval to IR2007
EMC USA-FCC Part 15, Class B; Europe-EN 301 489-4

Price: $7,200.00
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Manufactured by Orthogon Systems

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