This is a non-OEM product. This is an HD Communications Corp HD22155 bundle manufactured for OEMs but sold under the HD Communications brand name. A 14 dBi Antenna, 25-feet of low loss cable. Reorder note: This bundle replaces HD19682 and HD19683.

HD22155L 14dBi Directional Antenna; 25-ft. Coax (RPTNC & RPSMA For Linksys)

A 14 dBi antenna, 25-feet low loss cable, and an adapter that will allow this bundle to mate to wireless 802.11b and g devices with both an RPSMA female (Linksys WMP11, WET11, Connectgear WA300 Access Point, D-link DWL-520, DWL-520+ DWL-900AP, DWL-900AP+, and all Zoom products) and RPTNC female (Linksys WAP11, WAP54G, BEFW11S4, and WRT54G) connectors.

Price: $119.99
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Manufactured by HD Communications Corp.

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