B-220 ZyAir from Zyxel wifi usb adapter

ZyXEL ZyAIR B-220 Wireless USB Adapter/AP

As a broadband wireless LAN solution provider, ZyXEL not only offers an integrated wireless gateway and Access Point, but also provides a variety of client adapters supporting all popular operating systems.

A highly adaptable client family including PC cards, USB adapters, as well as PCI cards and Ethernet adapters, brings flexible, reliable, and convenient network connection to satisfy any wireless access demands. With IEEE 802.11b and IEEE 802.11g compliance and wire-free network access, the ZyAIR client family allows you to connect with your wireless LAN and provides you with the freedom to roam between different Access Points.

IEEE 802.1x Authentication Client Software - AEGIS Client

Meetinghouse Data Communications' AEGIS Client is an implementation of the client side of the IEEE 802.1x- Port Based Network Access Control protocol. 802.1x access control provides improved security for both wired and wireless networks. It solves the problem of key distribution in wireless LANs by enabling public key authentication and encryption between Wireless LAN Access Points and roaming stations. It also allows network managers to control 802.1x user profiles from centralized RADIUS or in the case of TTLS, from a RADIUS, Diameter or other AAA servers.

802.11b Wireless USB Adapter/AP

- Works as client and AP(Dual mode)

- Wi-Fi certified to ensure interoperability

- WHQL certified to ensure compatible with Microsoft Windows

- Adapter for USB-compliant notebooks and computers

- Truly Plug-and-Play provision

- 802.1x client software embedded

- Wi-Fi Protected Access(WPA)support

- 128 bit WEP support

Price: $44.50
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Manufactured by ZyXEL

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