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Wireless Hardware By Manufacturer *
Connector Type
3Com 8000 Reverse SMA
3Com 3C-RDW696 (PCI) Reverse SMA
3Com Airconnect AP 3CRWE747A MMCX
Acer WLAN 11g Broadband (Router) Reverse SMA
Actiontec MiniPCI 802.11b (miniPCI) Reverse SMA
AMIT Adv.Multimedia Intern.Tech (PCMCIA) Reverse MMCX
Agere Agere Gold (PCMCIA) MC Card
Allied Telesyn AT AIO54 Reverse TNC
Allied Telesyn ATW CL 007 (PCI) Reverse SMA
Allnet ALL0186 (Router) Reverse SMA
Allnet ALL0191 Reverse SMA
Allnet ALL0271 (PCI) Reverse SMA
Allnet ALL0275+ (AP) Reverse SMA
Allnet ALL0276 (Router) Reverse SMA
Allnet ALL0277 (Router) Reverse TNC
Allnet ALL0277DSL (Router) Reverse TNC
Allnet ALL0278 (Hotspot) Reverse SMA
Allnet ALL0281 (PCI) Reverse SMA
Apple (PCMCIA) MC Card
Artem TNC
Artem CP-W11-D-ETS-128-T (AP) TNC
Artem Compoint (AP) TNC
Artem Comcard (PCMCIA) MC Card
Asus WL-138G (PCI) Reverse SMA
Avaya Gold (PCMCIA) MC Card
Belkin (PCMCIA) MC Card
Belkin 55G (PCI-Karte) Reverse SMA
Buffalo WLI-PCM-L11G (PCMCIA) MC Card
Buffalo Airstation WBG-G54 (Router) MC Card
Buffalo WAP54g (AP) MC Card
Cisco Aironet 350 MMCX
Cisco Aironet (PCMCIA) MMCX
Cisco Aironet Bridge 340 (Bridge) Reverse TNC
Cisco Aironet Bridge 350 (Bridge) Reverse TNC
Cisco Aironet Bridge 1200 (Bridge) Reverse TNC
Cisco Aironet Bridge 1310 (Bridge) Reverse TNC
Cisco Aironet LMC350 (PCMCIA) MMCX
Cisco Aironet LMC352 (PCMCIA) MMCX
Cisco Air LM-4800 (PCMCIA) MMCX
Compaq WL110 (PCMCIA) MC Card
Compaq WL-200 PCI RT SMA
Compu-Shack SWN-103 (PCI) Reverse SMA
Conceptronic AP-11 (AP) Reverse TNC
Corega WL PCI B11 (PCI) Reverse SMA
Deltacom Reverse SMA
D-Link DL-713P Reverse SMA
D-Link DL-714P+ (Router) Reverse SMA
D-Link DI-514 Air (Router) Reverse SMA
D-Link DI-614+ (Router) Reverse SMA
D-Link DI-624 (Router) Reverse SMA
D-Link DI-624+ (Router) Reverse SMA
D-Link DI-624+ G+ Reverse SMA
D-Link DI-624 XtremeG Reverse SMA
D-Link DI-714P+ Reverse SMA
D-Link DI-824VUP Reverse SMA
D-Link DI-824VUH+ Reverse SMA
D-Link DWL-510 (PCI) Reverse SMA
D-Link DWL-520 (PCI) Reverse SMA
D-Link DWL-520+ (PCI) Reverse SMA
D-Link DWL-660 (PCMCIA) MC Card
D-Link DWL-664T (AP) Reverse SMA
D-Link DWL-614+ (Router) Reverse SMA
D-Link DWL-810AP+ Reverse SMA
D-Link DWL-900AP Reverse SMA
D-Link DWL-900AP+ Reverse SMA
D-Link DWL-1000AP+ (Router) Reverse SMA
D-Link DWL-2000AP Reverse SMA
D-Link DWL-2100AP Reverse SMA
D-Link DWL-7000AP (Router) Reverse SMA
D-Link DWL-G520 Reverse SMA
D-Link DWL-G520+ Reverse SMA
D-Link DWL-G710 Reverse SMA
D-Link DWL-G810 Reverse SMA
D-Link WMP-A12 (miniPCI) MMCX
DrayTek Vigor 2200VG Reverse SMA
Draytek Vigor 2200W+ (Router) Reverse SMA
Draytek Vigor 2500We Reverse SMA
DrayTek Vigor 2600G Reverse SMA
DrayTek Vigor 2600Ge Reverse SMA
DrayTek Vigor 2600Gi Reverse SMA
DrayTek Vigor 2600VG Reverse SMA
DrayTek Vigor 2600VGi Reverse SMA
DrayTek Vigor 2900G Reverse SMA
DrayTek Vigor 2900Gi Reverse SMA
DrayTek Vigor 2900VG Reverse SMA
DrayTek Vigor 2900VGi Reverse SMA
e-tech WL11000 (PCMCIA) Reverse MMCX
Edimax Wireless Router (Router) Reverse SMA
Enterasys RoamAbout MC Card
Fiberline WL-100X (PCMCIA) MMCX
Foundry IP200 (AP) MC Card
Freebird Smartbridges N Type
Gigabyte GN-WPKG Reverse SMA
Hirschmann BAT11b (AP) Reverse SMA
HP ProCurve 150wl J8136A (PCMCIA) MC Card
HP 420WL (AP) Reverse SMA
Hyperlink SR2400 Reverse TNC
IBM Wireless PC Card (PCMCIA) MC Card
IBM Wireless AP500 MC Card
Intel WEAP2011BK Reverse BNC
Intel Pro PCI 2011 (PCI) RT SMA
Intel WPCI5000 Reverse SMA
Initium BT-Promi-SD SMA
Intermec Reverse N Type
Intermec AP2100 (AP) Reverse TNC
KTI (AP) Reverse SMA
LANCOM 1511 Wireless DSL Reverse SMA
LANCOM 1521 Wireless ADSL Reverse SMA
LANCOM 1811 Wireless DSL Reverse SMA
LANCOM 1821 Wireless ADSL Reverse SMA
LANCOM 3050 Reverse SMA
LANCOM 3550 Reverse SMA
LANCOM Airlancer MC-11 (PCMCIA) MC Card
LANCOM IAP-54 Wireless Reverse SMA
LANCOM L54G (AP) Reverse SMA
LANCOM L54ag (AP) Reverse SMA
LANCOM LC 1511 (Router) Reverse SMA
LANCOM LC 1811 (Router) Reverse SMA
LANCOM OAP-54 Wireless Reverse N Type
Level One WAP-0002 (AP) MCX
Level One WNC-0200 (PCI-Karte) Reverse SMA
Level One WNC-0300 (PCI-Karte) Reverse SMA
Level One WNC-0309 (PCI-Karte) Reverse SMA
Linksys BEFW11S4 Reverse TNC
Linksys WAP11 (AP) Reverse TNC
Linksys WAP54g (AP) Reverse TNC
Linksys WET11 (AP) Reverse SMA
Linksys WET54g (Bridge) Reverse SMA
Linksys WMP11 (AP) Reverse SMA
Linksys WMP54g (PCI) Reverse SMA
Linksys WMT 54g (PCI) Reverse SMA
Linksys WPS (AP) Reverse SMA
Linksys WRT54G (AP) Reverse TNC
Linksys WRT54GC (Router) Reverse SMA
Linksys WRV54G (Router) Reverse SMA
Longrange NE-2511 (PCMCIA) MMCX
Longshine LCS-8031B/R (PCI) Reverse SMA
Lucent PC Card (PCMCIA) MC Card
MBO WLAN PCI2002 (PCI) Reverse SMA
MLAN 3325 (PCMCIA) Reverse MMCX
Netgear DG824MB (Router) Reverse SMA
Netgear DG834GB (Router) Reverse SMA
Netgear DG834GTB Reverse SMA
Netgear FM114P (Router) Reverse SMA
Netgear FWG114P (Router) Reverse SMA
Netgear FVM318 (Router) Reverse SMA
Netgear ME101 (Bridge) Reverse SMA
Netgear ME103 (AP) Reverse SMA
Netgear MA311 (PCI) Reverse SMA
Netgear WAG302 ProSafe DualBand Wireless-AP Reverse SMA
Netgear WEG101 (Bridge) Reverse SMA
Netgear WG102 ProSafe Wireless AP Reverse SMA
Netgear WG302 ProSafe Wireless-AP Reverse SMA
Netgear WG311 (PCI) Reverse SMA
Netgear WG602 V2 (AP) Reverse SMA
Pearl Freecontrol 54MB (Router) Reverse SMA
Planet WAP 1965 (AP) Reverse SMA
Pheenet WBIG 104B+ (Router) Reverse SMA
Proxim Harmony PCC (PCMCIA) Reverse MMCX
Proxim Harmony AP (AP) Reverse TNC
Proxim Harmony PCI (PCI) RT SMA
Proxim Stratum MP Reverse TNC
Proxim AP500 (AP) MC Card
Proxim AP600 (AP) Proxim
Proxim AP700 (AP) Proxim
Proxim AP4000 (AP) Proxim
Proxim Tsunami MP11A (AP) N Type
Samsung MagicLan PC Card (PCMCIA) MMCX
Samsung Magiclan AP/PCI (PCI) RT SMA
Senao SL-2511-CD+ Ext2 MMCX
Senao NL-2511-BG+ Reverse N Type
Senao NL-2511-BG2+ N Type
Senao NL-2511 HS+ N Type
Senao NL-2611-CB3 (PCMCIA) MMCX
Senao SL-2611-CB3 (PCMCIA) MMCX
Siemens Gigaset PCI 54 Reverse SMA
Siemens I-Gate MC Card
Sitecom WL-018 Reverse SMA
Sitecom WL-012 MCX
Sitecom WL-011 MCX
Sitecom WL-110v2 Reverse SMA
Sitecom WL-122 Reverse SMA
Sitecom Homestation 54 Reverse SMA
SMC 2402 W (PCI) Reverse SMA
SMC 2482 W (Bridge) Reverse TNC
SMC 2555 W-AG Reverse-MMCX
SMC 2582 W-B EliteConnect Reverse SMA
SMC 2586 W-G Eliteconnect Reverse-SMA
SMC 2682 W (Bridge) Reverse TNC
SMC 2802 W (PCI) Reverse SMA
SMC 2804 WBR (Router) Reverse SMA
SMC 2804 WBRP-G Reverse SMA
Smartbridges Airpoint Outdoor (Bridge) N Type
Sphinx Picoplug MMCX
Symbol AP24 Reverse BNC
Symbol AP-100 (Switch) Reverse BNC
Symbol AP-200 (Switch) Reverse BNC
Tecos RBR2400/APF (Router) N Type
Telekom Sinus 130 Card (PCMCIA) MC Card
Telekom Sinus 154 Card (PCMCIA) MC Card
Telekom Sinus 154pci (PCI) Reverse SMA
Telekom Sinus 730 (Router) Reverse TNC
Telekom Teledat 530 Reverse TNC
Toshiba AP MC Card
US Robotics 8022 Reverse SMA
US Robotics AP Reverse TNC
US Robotics USR2450 Reverse TNC
WaveAccess 132 Reverse SMA
WiLan AWE 22-45 Reverse TNC
WiLan AWE 120-24 Reverse TNC
WiLan AWE120-58 N Type
Wisecom GL2422AP (AP) Reverse SMA
Z-Com 1500 Reverse SMA
Z-Com 1510 Reverse SMA
Z-Com 1580 Reverse SMA
Zyxel ZyAIR B-101 MMCX
Zyxel ZyAIR B-300 Reverse SMA
Zyxel ZyAIR B-320 Reverse SMA
Zyxel ZyAIR B-1000 Reverse SMA
Zyxel ZyAIR B-2000 Reverse SMA
Zyxel ZyAIR B-4000 Reverse SMA
Zyxel ZyAIR G-110 AMX
Zyxel ZyAIR G-300 Reverse SMA
Zyxel ZyAIR G-360 Reverse SMA
Zyxel ZyAIR G-405 Reverse-SMA
Zyxel ZyAIR G-3000 Reverse-SMA
Zyxel ZyAIR G-4100 Reverse-SMA
* Please Note: This is not a complete listing of every wireless device. To identify your connector in question by image, see the connector images in our Connector Image Gallery. If you do not see your connector's image in our Connector Image Gallery, you should consult with the manufacturer of your wireless device. As a last resort, you may e-mail a digital image of your connector in question to All pictures must be a clear and close-up image of the connector and no more than 1 meg in file size or we will not receive it.


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