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HD Communications Corp. HD18089-4A*
HD18089-4A 900 MHz, 4 Watt Amplifier
Direct Online Price: Call For Price and authorization form
Available Quantity unlimited

Detailed Description

This high power, bi-directional amplifier is designed for 902~928 MHz radio products. Works equally well with all types of radios. Designed in a completely weatherproof housing for all outdoor applications. The unit is powered over coax with DC injector.

*Please Note:
FCC requirements state that we must retain copies of the completed FCC Part 15 amplifier form prior to accepting and shipping an order for this product.

Please download the form and either email or fax the form back to us.
Amplifier End User Statement Form (.pdf)

email :, or fax: (631) 588-3879.

When we receive the completed form we will approve or deny the form and contact you the outcome and with pricing information if approved..

Salient Features:
  • Transmit Gain: The unit provides 26 dB of gain.
  • LNA: The built-in Low Noise Amplifier with signal gain of 28 dB improves the receive sensitivity of remote equipment, while keeping noise level very low.
  • Receive Filtering: All radio equipment contain filter for receive path. The band pass filter on this amplifier gives added protection against out of band noise.
  • Transmit Filtering: This filter keeps oscillations and harmonics in check.
  • Enclosure: The unit is housed in machined, Anodized Aluminum enclosure, designed according to the location of critical components. With appropriate cavities and contacts the PCB performs optimally and NO heat sink is needed.
  • DC Injector: With only 0.8dB insertion loss, this DC injector is the lowest loss available anywhere. Enclosed in a specially designed machined aluminum housing.

The complete set includes:
  • The Outdoor Amplifier,
  • DC injector, and
  • Universal power supply (110~240VAC to 12 V DC)

* Amplifiers are for export, military and OEM sales only and/or part of complete FCC Certified System.
Contact our amplifier tech support group (888.588.3800 ext.112) to see what systems these amplifiers have been certified with.

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