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HD Communications Corp. HD23413
HD23413 5.8 GHz, 802.11a Amplifier (Outdoor Unit)
HD23413 5.8 GHz, 802.11a Amplifier (Outdoor Unit)
Direct Online Price: Call For Price and authorization form
Available Quantity unlimited

Detailed Description

5.8 GHz, 802.11a Amplifier
Outdoor unit

This 5.8 Ghz bi-directional amplifier is designed for 802.11a radios or any OFDM radios in 5 GHz band. Since the 16 QAM modulation requires highly linear mode of operation, this amplifier delivers max of 1-watt power with all 802.11a or similar radio equipment. For FM, AM or other modulations schemes the unit delivers up to 5-watt output.

Housed in outdoor weatherproof enclosure, the amplifier works at temperature range of -40 thru 70 deg centigrade.

This amplifier is powered over coax with DC injector.

*Please Note:
FCC requirements state that we must retain copies of the completed FCC Part 15 amplifier form prior to accepting and shipping an order for this product.

Please download the form and either email or fax the form back to us.
Amplifier End User Statement Form (.pdf)

email :, or fax: (631) 588-3879.

When we receive the completed form we will approve or deny the form and contact you the outcome and with pricing information if approved..

Specifications: Electrical
Operating Range
5725 - 5875 MHz
Operating Mode
TDD, Time Division duplex,
Transmit Power
30 dB, 1 Watt at 13 dB input (802.11a radios)
37 dB max at 20 dB input (non OFDM radios)
Transmit Gain
17 dBm max
Transmit Input Power
-03dBm min 13 dBm max (for 802.11a radios)
25 dB max (for OFDM radios)
Receive Gain
15 dB
Noise Figure
3.5 dB
LED Indicators (Inside The Cover)
Red For Receive (default mode); Green For Transmit
Power Consumption
250mA Rx: 1600mA
Tx @ 12 VDC
Operating Temperature
-40° C to +70° C
Specifications: Mechanical
4.5" x 4.85" x 1.0" (114.4mm x 123.2mm)
Watertight, Machined Aluminum Housing w/Anodized Finish
Types N Male / Female
1 lb. 7 oz. (640g)

* Amplifiers are for export, military and OEM sales only and/or part of complete FCC Certified System.
Contact our amplifier tech support group (888.588.3800 ext. 112) to see what systems these amplifiers have been certified with.

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