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Peplink/Pepwave PPW-400
Pepwave PolePoint 400, Carrier-Grade 400mW WLAN Solution for All Business Needs, PPW-400 (Stock # HD26253)
Pepwave PolePoint 400, Carrier-Grade 400mW WLAN Solution for All Business Needs
MSRP: $425.00
Direct Online Price: $389.00
You Save: $36.00 (8 %)
Available Quantity 9


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Detailed Description

PePWave PolePoint 400; Carrier-Grade 400mW WLAN Solution for All Business Needs

Introducing the new generation PePWave PolePoint Wi-Fi AP and Central Management System (PCMS), the advanced WLAN solution with powerful features and innovative management system designed to meet the needs of all businesses.

PePWave PolePoint - Wi-Fi AP with enterprise grade features and superior Wi-Fi radio technology. The PolePoint AP, featuring High transmit power (up to 400mW), virtual AP (16 SSIDs), QoS, and wide-temperature support is available in multiple form factors suitable for indoor or tough outdoor conditions.

PePWave Central Management System (PCMS) - PCMS is a web2.0 application hosted by PePWave, thus no client software installation is required. As a comprehensive suite, it allows you to centrally create, manage and monitor wireless networks with ease. With our innovative approach to network provisioning, you can setup new WLAN networks in minutes!

A PolePoint AP provides multiple wireless LAN's giving customized access to various user groups, with simple web management and monitoring.

The PePWave WLAN Solution:
Simple Setup - Setting up a wireless network is as easy as three steps.

  • Sign up for your free account at PePWave Central Management System (PCMS).
  • Create and apply configuration profile(s) to target PolePoint AP's.
  • Power up your PolePoint devices, and plug them into an Internet connected network.

Self-configuration and discovery - No manual configuration is needed for individual PolePoint AP's. Your network will configure itself within minutes, no matter how many PolePoint devices you are deploying!

The PePWave PolePoint AP
Superior Radio Design – PolePoint uses radio technology engineered from the ground up with the best performance features. Our extensive engineering gives you better coverage and faster performance.

Multimedia over Wi-Fi - PolePoint allows you to prioritize specific WLAN's to keep critical applications running smoothly.

Rugged Enclosure - Rugged aluminum enclosure ensures durability for use in a variety of locations such as large corporate environments, office, campus, hotels, hospitals and clinics.

The PePWave Central Management System
Central Management - Use our comprehensive suite of network management tools to manage several networks, all from one elegant and intuitive web interface.

Comprehensive Control - PCMS allows you to quickly view and change the configuration of your PolePoint devices. Configuration profiles make network changes simple, whether you are modifying existing devices or adding new ones. All you need to do is apply your profile(s) to target PolePoint devices, and you're done.

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