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smartBridges sB3215V-02
sB3215V-02, airPoint Nexus Total 241 [2.3 - 2.5 GHz] Backhaul and Access Point HD26341
sB3215V-02, airPoint Nexus Total 241 [2.3 - 2.5 GHz] Backhaul and Access Point; HD26341
MSRP: $1,200.00
Direct Online Price: $890.00
You Save: $310.00 (26 %)
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Detailed Description

HD26251 (sb3417-T1-02)

Point Nexus Total 241 [2.3 - 2.5 GHz] Backhaul and Access Point

The sB3215 [airPoint™ Nexus TOTAL 241] is a Near Line of Sight (NrLOS), COFDM wireless IP infrastructure solution for deploying large and scalable Radio Access Networks. The sB3215 is built upon the award winning Nexus platform. It operates in the license free ISM 2.4 GHz band and supports both Point-to-Multipoint (PtMP) and Point-to-Point (PtP) wireless broadband applications (Please refer to HD26342 / sB3216 for 5.x GHz operation). Advanced RF interference mitigation, resistance to multi-path delays, and advanced Layer 3 networking features of sB3215 help realize affordable and reliable wireless broadband communication.

In Point-to-Multipoint (PtMP) mode sB3215 can provide as much as 20 Mbps of TCP/IP data throughput, range of up to 15 km and support of up to 128 client devices. The Bandwidth Management, Voice, Data traffic prioritization, QoS, Multicast capability ensures reliable delivery of Voice over IP (VoIP), high definition video and prioritized data traffic, all “converged” over the radio access network. In Point to Point mode sB3215 can support 25 Mbps of TCPIP data throughput, range of up to 40 km.

smartBridges has enhanced the widely available, state-of-the-art COFDM wireless technology to carrier grade robustness. Click here to view Technology Comparison Chart. The sB3215 performance can be further enhanced with the smartBridges proprietary technology extensions to derive superior performance. The sB3215 can be customized for specific projects to provide variable channel width, licensed frequency support, noise immunity and data traffic turbo booster.

  • Best-in-class radio performance with COFDM technology to ensure high data rates and spectral efficiency
  • Advanced RF interference mitigation and resistance to multi-path delays
  • High transmit radio power and ultra high receive sensitivity for Long-Range™ coverage
  • Up to 20 Mbps of throughput in PtMP mode, support of up to 128 clients and Multiple VSSID
  • Supports 25 Mbps TCPIP throughput in PtP mode
  • Programmable upstream/downstream data throughput settings for individual clients
  • Optimized for VoIP traffic with small UDP packets
  • IEEE 802.11b/g standard compliance. sB Enhanced mode significantly extends the performance benchmarks
  • Centralized RADIUS based access authentication to prevent unauthorized use of the infrastructure
  • Secure data communication using 802.11i with 128 bit AES (U.S. Govt. FIPS 197 compliant)
  • Fully transparent Bridge, Router or NAT mode for hierarchical network design
  • Unified Web and SNMP MIB-II compliant remote management interface.
  • Purpose built for harsh outdoor environments; encased in heavy-duty UV stable plastic housing, this fully weatherized outdoor unit operates in temperatures ranging from -49ºF to +140ºF (-45ºC to +60ºC)
Intelligent Networking Capabilities
QoS, VLAN pass through and bandwidth management allows for increased Return on Investment with personalized Service Level Agreements (SLAs) offerings. QoS capabilities of the sB3215 enable operators to optimize the performance and usage of the wireless network. The bandwidth management capability coupled with multiple service profiles allows individual time-of-day based upstream/downstream bandwidth allocation for each client.

Carrier Class Attributes
The purpose built sB3215 incorporates electrical overstress protection to withstand harsh outdoor operating environments ranging from -49ºF to 140ºF (-45ºC to +60ºC) and very humid or very dry conditions. The IP65 outdoor rated UV stabilized plastic enclosure give added protection from environmental conditi

The in-built Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) allows installation of redundancy in the network. The WatchGuard feature of the radio continuously monitors the device and performs an automatic recovery for realizing high system availability. The sB3215 provides a unified Web and SNMP based remote device management interface. This allows for quick integration of the sB3215 with the industry leading NMS solutions.

Quick and Easy Deployment
Field installation is expensive and time-consuming; therefore, the sB3215 is designed for rapid out-of-the-box installation. The easy-to-use software makes setting up the network quick and cost-effective. The integrated high performance antenna is suitable for servicing most subscribers. External high gain antenna can be connected via the N-connector when added range is needed. This flexibility allows a single base station to meet a variety of subscriber installation requirements.

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