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FreeWave LRS455-CE-U
LRS455-CE-U, FreeWave Industrial Grade 435-470 MHz Radio, Enclosure, HD29002ce
LRS455-CE-U, FreeWave Industrial Grade 435-470 MHz Radio, Enclosure, HD29002ce
Direct Online Price: $1,045.00
Available Quantity 37

Detailed Description

FreeWave Industrial Grade 435-470 MHz Radio


The FreeWave Technologies board level and enclosed LRS-455 radios provide outstanding performance and versatility. The LRS-455 offers a cost effective solution that allows customers to incorporate wireless communications into a wide variety of applications. The small footprint of the board level version is ideal for internally mounted applications. It also offers a surface mount design, and no additional RF shielding. All radios are designed and tested in Boulder, Colorado.

Do you operate in regions with heavy trees or rough terrain? No problem. The FreeWave LRS455 Licensed 435-470 MHz transmits data reliably and across long distances. Key features include:

  • 2 watt radio with -112dBM sensitivity -> outperforms comparative 5 watt radio
  • Industry's lowest power consumption -> save up to $400 per location
  • Every single radio configurable as either master slave or repeater
  • Long range - up to 70 miles
  • 19200 bps throughput
  • FCC licensing support to support the process

Available as a board level and enclosed version with multiple interface options, a 6-27 VDC input voltage, a temperature range of -30°C to +60°C, surface mount design, and no additional RF shielding, the LRS455 has tremendous flexibility for use across many industries. The LRS455 is also UL Class 1, Division 2 approved. Intended for use in US and Canada applications only. CE Mark Pending.

  • User selectable – Across the 435-470 MHz spectrum.
  • High Speed –19200 bps throughput on a 12.5 kHz channel.
  • Long Range – 70 mile range with clear line of sight with the ability to extend through a repeater.
  • Error Free Communications – 32 bit CRC with automatic retransmission.
  • Industrial Grade Specifications - 100% tested for RF performance from –30°C to +60°C.
  • Input voltage range 6-27 VDC at full RF output power. Receive current is less than 100 mA @ 12 VDC.
  • Separate diagnostic serial connector allows real-time local diagnostics and setup menu access.
  • Diagnostics– Including signal level in dBm and Transmit Power.
  • Interface - The LRS-455 is available with a user-programmable RS-232/RS-485/ RS-422 interface. TTL versions are also available.
  • Noise Immunity - Superior performance in noise congested environments.
  • Repeater with store and forward capability, also simultaneous slave & repeater function all in one radio.
  • UL Class 1 Div 2

Frequency Range 435-470 MHz
Output Power Programmable to 2 W
Range - Line of Sight (LoS) 70 miles with clear LoS
Modulation 2 and 4 level GFSK
Occupied Bandwidth 12.5 kHz
Frequency Channels 5600 Channels @ 6.25 kHz
Sensitivity -112 dBm for 10-6 (9600 bps)
Data Transmission
Error Detection 32 bit CRC, Retransmit on error
Link Throughput 9.6 Kbps at 2 level GFSK
19.2 Kbps at 4 level GFSK
Data Interface

RS232 / 485 / 422 or TTL

Data Connector Board Level: 10 pin header with locking ramp, 0.1 inch spacing power/data connector. Enclosed: DB9
Connector Board Level: Separate 20-pin connector | Enclosed: 3-pin PCB header
Power Requirements
Operating Voltage 6 to 27 VDC
Current (mA)
Mode +9 VDC +12 VDC +27 VDC
Transmit 1.5 A 0.75 A 0.34 A
Receive 200 mA 100 mA 45 mA
Idle 50 mA 25 mA 12 mA
General Information
Operating Temperature Range -30 oC to +60 oC
Dimensions 128 L x 61.8 W x 19.7 H (mm) | Enclosed: 173 L x 112 W x 35 H (mm)

74.4 g / Enclosed: 605 g

External Antenna Connector SMA (board level), TNC (enclusure)
Humidity 0 to 95% non-condensing

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