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Peplink/Pepwave HD29384
PePWave High-Power Access Point and Router Bundle, HD29384
HD29384 PePWave High-Power Access Point and Router Bundle. This bundle includes two (2) PepWave AP One Access Point and one (1) PepWave Balance 380 Internet Link Load Balance Router
MSRP: $2,493.00
Direct Online Price: $2,250.00
You Save: $243.00 (10 %)
Available Quantity 6

Detailed Description

PePWave High-Power Access Point and Router Bundle

The PepWave Balance 380 router combined with the power and technology of the AP One access point provides an unmatched solution for network reliability and robust wireless coverage. Each AP One is an 802.11N intelligent access point that has a true 500 mW of RF transmit power (adjustable), enabling it to cover areas up to 4,000 to 6,000 per unit indoors.

This bundle should cover an area approximate of 8,000 - 10,000 square feet (interior).**

Each Balance 20 and AP One bundle offers:

  • Well suited for mobile applications (IPad, Iphone, Blackberry, etc.), home automation systems, large residential homes, small office/businesses, small hotel properties, B&Bs, power users.
  • Each AP One can support up to 50 simultaneous wireless clients.
  • Better receive sensitivity and powerful transmit power combine to give you the best wireless performance and coverage area - Low power mobile devices will perform better.
  • Free Cloud-based Hosted Application Controller - Monitor, Manage, and Configure your access points remotely from any internet connection.
  • Rock Solid router reliability - No more frequent rebooting
  • Ability to handle large amounts of network traffic - take control of your network and out of the hands of consumer grade wireless gear.
  • Will keep up with today's network traffic and demands - Bigger networks, more network devices, and more traffic require a better router to handle it.
  • The Balance 20 has a larger CPU and multi-WAN support options keep your network running smoothly, you can even add an additional ISP connection (ethernet or USB) for failover and load balancing.

**Coverage areas are estimated and are dependent upon environmental circumstances (other 2.4 GHz devices, other WiFi equipment, etc.), construction materials, site survey, placement of each radio, and the type of client device (laptop, IPhone, IPad, Blackberry, etc.).**

This bundle includes:

  • Two (2) PepWave AP One Access Points
  • One (1) PepWave Balance 380 Internet Link Load Balance Router


AP One comes equipped with a full set of Enterprise features and easy to use Cloud Based Management. It’s the perfect fit for networks of all sizes.

The Best Value in Wireless, Hands Down.
No other product offers as many tailored enterprise features in an affordable and simple solution. AP One and InControl give your company exactly what it needs to leverage the benefits of Wi-Fi technology. You can be up and running in minutes without training or extra manpower.

Real Radio Performance, No Marketing Hype

Our TruePower RF technology makes dead spots and interference easy to overcome. AP One has up to 10 times the power of other solutions and, unlike other high power solutions, we provide full power on all channels to achieve predictable coverage over a larger area with fewer AP's. Our adaptive power intelligence dynamically responds to the environment to make sure the correct amount of power is used.
Cloud Based Control. No Expensive Controllers Required!

Our FREE InControl management system allows you to easily deploy and manage countless APs with the simplicity of deploying one, even if they are spread between different locations. Simply register your devices with InControl, and you can apply configurations, firmware, and monitor your network activity, all without any expensive controllers or complicated installation. InControl has been used to manage networks with 30,000+ devices, so you can be assured it will keep your network running smooth.

Robust Security Made Simple.

Keeping your business' information secure is critical. AP One is ready to handle the latest security standards, and is equipped with unique security features to make running an enterprise network simple. With GuestProtect you can give your visitors access to the Internet without giving them access to your internal computers and data. Limit the amount of bandwidth available to them and enforce application policies, all while giving authorized users full priority and customized access rights. With AP One, you no longer have to compromise security or flexibility.

AP One gives you the perfect combination of enterprise features and affordability. Relying on consumer level gear can mean dealing with frequent reboots and security holes. AP One provides the features you need with enterprise grade reliability.

Branch Networking
Whether you have five locations or 500, AP One and InControl make it easy to deploy a seamless wireless network. With Zero-Touch configuration and real-time treporting you can manage a global network from anywhere you have Internet access.

AP One makes setting up a login portal for your guests incredibly simple. With InControl you can have all of your APs configured and your portal secured in minutes. AP One also comes with GuestProtect, a set of features designed to keep your network and your guests computers secure.

Both students and staff need access to the Internet, though each group has different needs and, in turn, requires a different set of rules and restrictions. AP One's flexible group policy controls allow you to create separate networks to allow all parties to access the Internet with appropriate security policies in place.

AP One isn't just for serious business, it’s also the perfect fit for connecting cutting edge home entertainment systems and computers. Now you can have all the reliability and speed of a professional network at home. Whether you have a small home or a large property, AP One and InControl can keep your family and friends connected.
Click here for AP ONE spec sheet.

PePWave Balance 380

Economically Enhance Performance and Reduce Downtime

Resource Downloads
Data Sheet (.pdf)
Solution Guide (.pdf)

User's Manual (.pdf)

PePLink Balance 380 has functionality aimed at Mid-Size Business environments; recommended 100-500 users.

PePLink Balance 380 helps protect your business continuity by seamlessly connecting your business to the Internet through multiple independent links, and intelligently managing the links to provide automatic failover and enhanced performance.

PePLink Balance 380 is a solid performer with essential features.

Faster, More Responsive Internet That You Can Feel.
Includes 7 advanced load balancing algorithms. Network traffic is distributed to different Internet links to achieve an overall increase of network speed. Simply add low-cost Internet links such as DSL, Cable to your existing network, loading websites will be much faster. Everyone in the network will benefit! Using outbound traffic manager, you can setup rules to route high volume traffic to your faster Internet Links and optimize speed. DSL Optimization will help prioritize increasingly heavy traffic.

Expert Grade Internet Link Load Balancing.
Peplink‘s goal is to provide you a world-class Internet Link Load Balancing experience. Adding Internet connections to a network increases the network‘s complexity and opens the possibility for compatibility issues. The Peplink Balance‘s specialized multi-WAN intelligence ensures your Internet experience will remain functional and reliable. If you need more control, you have the ability to fine-tune how specific traffic should be load balanced across your connections. For example, you can easily route mission-critical traffic to your primary line and bulk Internet traffic to the least expensive one.

Host Servers With Confidence.
Your servers expect data-center grade Internet reliability and with Peplink Balance's built-in DNS server you can deliver just that. Visitors will enter your server via different Internet links using inbound load balancing. With a faster response time and higher speed, the customers web experience will be greatly enhanced. Better web performance attracts more visitors, and who doesn’t want more business? You can also redirect traffic to the server of your choice using Inbound Port Forwarding and One-to-one NAT. Learn More >>

WAN Management Made Easy.
Peplink Balance lets you set advanced rules to manage your WAN connection using Outbound Policy. With 7 Load Balancing Algorithms for your selection, assign specific applications to be load balanced differently to meet your network requirements. Changing rules priority is as simple as a drag and drop.

Connect Your Networks, Bond Your Offices.
Deploy Peplink Balance to multiple office branches and link them all together using our Site-to-Site VPN Bonding feature. Traffic is encrypted and load balanced across Internet links to all of your offices. The bonding algorithm allows video streams and file transfers to utilize all links, speeding up the connections between sites. Sending files to and from remote offices has never been faster.

Complete VPN Solutions.
Peplink routers come with handy features like Site-to-Site VPN Bandwidth Bonding & Load Balancing and a built-in PPTP VPN Server. Connect multiple locations, enable remote access, and have all your available bandwidths turned into one big Internet pipe without buying extra devices. Enjoy the simplicity that Peplink Balance complete VPN solution provides now.

VPN for Remote LAN Access.
In additional to the Site-to-Site VPN feature, the Peplink Balance also has a built-in PPTP VPN Server. This feature provides convenient access to LAN resources, allowing remote computers to securely access internal servers and systems. Your clients can now connect to the network with ease without needing an additional VPN appliance or server.

QoS that simply works.
Gain better quality for your VoIP and video streams. Peplink Balance features Advanced QoS, providing crystal clear calls and sharp videos even when your network is experiencing heavy traffic. Use QoS with the User Group and assign bandwidth to the more important parts of your business. Experience the ultimate in video conferencing and Internet calls with the Peplink Balance.

Monitor Your Bandwidth Usage.
Internet service providers are beginning to enforce monthly bandwidth caps on consumer broadband services. Exceeding these caps can lead to expensive overage charges. The Peplink Balance's Bandwidth Usage Monitor will help keep track of your Internet usage and automatically cut off the connection when it hits the cap. The User Bandwidth Usage Logs allow you to check the network usage of a single device on any particular day or month.

Group Your Users.
Manage your bandwidth wisely with the User Group feature. Categorize your users into one of the three predefined groups and assign different service levels based on their needs. Give more VoIP bandwidth to your boss by setting a higher priority in Application Prioritization or discourage your staff from downloading non-work related files by applying a maximum download speed under User Bandwidth Limit.

Optimize Your Internet Speed.
Consumer Internet connections can easily get congested due to limited bandwidth on the uplink/downlink. All too often data has to wait in line before going through the connection. With DSL/Cable Optimization, the Peplink Balance will optimize your traffic, relieve the congested bandwidth pipe, and maximize your data transfer rate!

Works Well With All ISPs.
Many Internet Service Providers require the use of their own server for a complete Internet experience, causing applications to stop working if the user has a wrong configuration. Peplink Balance features SMTP Forwarding, allowing you to send out email promptly with the correct email server. Web Proxy Forwarding will direct traffic to the right server, even if the user setting is wrong. The network user will be able to surf the Internet and send email as usual, saving time to troubleshoot for frustrated network users.

Unique Transparent Deployment.
Adding a network appliance to an existing network usually requires many configuration changes and re-thinking of your existing network topology. With Drop-in Mode, you can deploy the Peplink Balance with no changes to your network's existing firewall or gateway routers. Setting up a Peplink Balance can take as little as 10 minutes!

Protecting You from Internet Attacks.
Many Internet viruses and worms come in the form of Denial of Services Attacks. Peplink Balance features Intrusion Detection and DoS Prevention, preventing your server and network from going down when worms attack, giving you maximum uptime even when your network is sick.

Features Benefits
Link Aggregation and Load Balance Combine bandwidths from multiple Internet connections with ease.
Drop-in Mode Easy, transparent installation.
VoIP, SIP, and Vonage® Support Fully compatible with major SIP-based VoIP providers. Enjoy your calls.
Session Binding Compatible with secure web, e-banking, and other applications.

Link Aggregation and Outbound Load Balance
  • Combine the bandwidth and balance the load across three Internet links.
  • Bandwidth combination enhances throughput
  • Multiple Internet links provide redundancy and improve network availability.
  • Compatibility with economical and common types of Internet links, such as Cable and DSL, keeps running costs under control.

Intelligent & Automatic Failover

  • Regular health checks ensure up-to-date link statuses.
  • In case of a link failure, PePLink Balance automatically re-routes traffic to a healthy link to provide continuous Internet service.

Stateful Firewall

  • PePLink Balance provides a rule-based firewall that supports an unlimited number of rules.

Drop-in Mode

  • With Drop-in Mode, the installation of PePLink Balance does not require any changes in network configuration, and is also known as Transparent Bridge Mode.

Per-service Load Distribution/Weight Control

  • Outbound traffic over the available Internet links can be distributed based on configurable proportions.
  • Distribution of each traffic type can be independently configured according to protocol and port number.

Session Persistence/Binding

  • PePLink Balance supports Internet services, such as secure web, that require clients to maintain the same IP address throughout a session.

Multiple WAN IP and Subnet Support

  • Support for multiple Internet IP addresses from each ISP, so that services continue to be available in event of a link failure.

Web Administration Interface

  • A wizard & driven web-based administration user interface simplifies configuration.

On-the-fly Configuration

  • Settings can be changed and activated on PePLink Balance without system reboot.

Fanless Design, Low Heat Operation

  • PePLink Balance consumes 3.1W of power and generates minimal heat when in full operation.

What about support?
Included free of charge with every PePLink Balance 30 device is the Standard Support Service that provides unlimited email support with a 24-hour response time, and 5 free telephone support calls, all through the manufacturer. Also available is the optional One-year Priority Support Service that provides unlimited email support with a 12-hour response time, and unlimited telephone support. PePLink Balance 30 is also backed by an one-year limited warranty and lifetime firmware upgrade plan through the manufacturer.

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