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Shopping Our Online Store

I've finished shopping. How do I check out?
When you've finished shopping, it's time to place your order. We've made the process fast and easy, so you can check out in a matter of minutes. If you see items in your cart from a previous visit, that's because we automatically save whatever you put in the cart. This allows you to shop at your leisure, putting things in your cart on more than one visit or shopping during one visit and coming back to make your purchases later. You can always delete items from your cart if you decide not to buy them.

If you're a first-time customer
The first time you order, you'll be asked to create a personal account by entering your e-mail address and choosing a password. This ensures that your credit card and personal information is secure. (Find out more about credit card security for Eclipse WiFi Corp. shoppers.) Our checkout pages will then walk you through the ordering process.

If you're a returning customer
You'll be asked to log in every time you go through checkout, if you're not already logged in. You should log in using the same e-mail address and password that you used on your last visit to our site. During checkout you'll have a chance to update any information that has changed, such as credit card numbers, shipping and billing addresses, and so on. This information can only be updated during checkout. Your personal information can only be seen by using your e-mail address and password.

I'm having trouble ordering. What can I do?
If you're having a problem completing your order, please email or contact us.

What are my payment options?
Eclipse WiFi Corp's online store accepts most major credit cards. Payments may also be made by PayPal, check, money order, and, with specific authorization, wire transfer. Minimum order is $20.00.

All credit card payments are verified. The shipping address for these orders must be the same as the billing address or listed on file and acknowledged with the credit card company as an alternate address. It is the customer's responsibility to contact their credit card company to do this. We apologize for this inconvenience, but due to a high increase in online credit card fraud we are forced to instill this policy.

Additionally, all PayPal transactions must be from a verified PayPal account to a confirmed PayPal shipping address. A confirmed address is a physical address that has been established by PayPal as belonging to the PayPal account holder. By shipping to a confirmed address, we are ensured that the item is being shipped to the PayPal account holder. An unconfirmed address is an address that PayPal has not been able to reliably associate with the PayPal account holder. It is our company's policy to ONLY ship to a verified account and confirmed shipping address on all prepayments made via PayPal.

Also note, PayPal postings may take 24 - 48 hours before they appear in our account. We can only ship products once those funds appear. If a product you are purchasing via PayPal is not in stock, lead time on that item will commence once the funds post to our account. See below regarding out-of-stock items.

Is it safe to use my credit card at Eclipse WiFi Corp?
We take every precaution to ensure that online shopping at Eclipse WiFi Corp. is safe and secure. Our credit card transactions are processed using 128-bit Secure Socket Layer protection. When you have completed entering your information on the check out page and click the submit button, an encrypted 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) link is set up between your browser and our shopping cart server. An encryption code is then requested and received, which then encrypts your order and the credit card details before they leave your computer. All our internal processing systems are protected by a firewall and use non-public IP addresses, which makes them completely invisible to the Internet. This technology safeguards your personal information and privacy.

Additionally, this website is tested and certified daily to pass the FBI/SANS Internet Security Test by ScanAlert. ScanAlert's security auditing technology allows the HACKER SAFE mark to appear only when a Web site's current security status meets the highest published government standards. Research conducted at the federally funded Computer Security Center (CERT/CC®) indicates that sites free of all known vulnerabilities that can be remotely scanned for, such as those earning HACKER SAFE certification, will prevent over 99.99% of hacker crime. This site is also compliant with MasterCard's SDP (Site Data Protection) program.

What's your policy on returns?
Your satisfaction is our top priority. If there is ever a problem with your order, we'll do our very best to remedy the situation. Please see our Shipping & Return Policy page for complete details.

What happens if an item is out-of-stock?
We hate to keep our customers waiting for a wireless network product so we do our very best to keep an adequate stock in our on-sight warehouse. If you add an item to your shopping cart that is currently out-of-stock, you will instantly receive a message on your screen that the item can not be added due to low inventory. If what you want is out-of-stock, keep checking back; it should be back on our shelves very soon. In very rare cases, an item may become out-of-stock after you place your order. If this should happen, we will contact you by phone at the number you supply us with. This way we can confirm if you prefer to wait for that item to return to stock. If this item is part of a multiple order you will be asked if you want a partial shipment or if you rather have your whole order wait for that one item.

How do I change or cancel my order?
Our goal is to provide the fastest possible service to our customers, so there's a good possibility that by the time you ask us to change or cancel an order your package will be on its way already! If you do need to make a change or cancel your order, please call us to change or cancel an order as quickly as possible. We'll do everything possible to accommodate you.

What is your cut-off time for same-day shipments?
Orders entered by 2:30 pm ET (non-holiday business day) - choice of FedEx or UPS.
Orders entered by 3:00 pm ET (non-holiday business day) - UPS only.
Any order entered after 3 pm ET will ship the following non-holiday business day.

Do you ship to PO Boxes?
We primarily ship via FedEx or UPS. We can not ship to PO Boxes using these shipping carriers.

Does HD Com offer OEM and large quantity pricing?
Yes. Please contact our Sales Department regarding OEM and large quantity pricing.

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