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Non Line-Of-Sight (NLoS) Multi-Polarized Antennas

Revolutionary Extended Range Antenna Products
Obstruction Penetrating; Multi-Polarized Omni-Directional & Directional

This is the first true innovation in antenna technology in 20 years. Up to twice the performance of a conventional antenna without amplifiers. Skeptics need only try WiFi-Plus antennas to be convinced there is a better answer to line-of-sight (LoS).

The world's first MULTI-POLARIZED - MULTI-PATH antenna with GEO-Spatial capture. This antenna is made for the non-line-of-sight (NLoS) use. This antenna will pick up signals on ALL polarizations. Mutli-polarized (MP) means enhanced signal-to-noise performance. WiFi-Plus offers an antenna that will give you better data transfer with less packets dropped.

How It Works
A radio wave travels through the air about the size of a pine needle. If the antenna is vertically polarized the pine needle must remain vertical, as sent. If the signal hits an obstruction the signal will flip or rotate into multiple positions as it gets to the receiving radio and be seen as noise. If you can capture that signal you have a superior antenna that is not prone to the obstructed world.

Many antenna makers strive to reject signal that is not matched in polarization in order to reject noise. A WiFi-Plus antenna embraces and gathers that signal that the others reject. It is still good, just in a different polarization. This is the key to the their superior performance over other antennas. Their patented and proprietary antenna designs gather mult-path reflections and refractions in multiple polarizations and multiple planes, achieving superior coverage in areas that other antennas will receive noise or drop-out. A WiFi-Plus multi-polarized antenna collects the available signal in a Doppler-like, 3-dimensional space and combines these signals to produce a signal that would otherwise be considered non-existent. WiFi-Plus is the only antenna manufacturer able to make such a claim.

WiFi-Plus offers several antenna products specifically for 2.4GHz or 5.GHz. Time and time again those that demand the best possible equipment choose these antennas as they find that their expectation is exceeded in Multi-polarized performance.

WiFi-Plus offers everything from the personal "Bullet" antenna, for extended laptop and PC range, to high gain beam antennas that will achieve superior results in wireless performance. Their polarized antennas are hand made of the highest quality stainless steel for long term use in your wireless infrastructure.

Read recent press releases regarding WiFi-Plus products:

  • Hotspot deployment for Chevron in Nigeria using WiFi-Plus multi-polarized antennas (read).
  • Wireless solution for RV park near Yosemite National Park (read).
  • WISPer 360 antenna being used for free city-wide WiFi service in Hermosa Beach in Los Angeles, California (read).
Quick Link Solutions:
Ideal For RV Parks and Campus Situations - HD21879
Best Sellers For Tree Penetration - HD21884 (12dBi MP Beam; 4"), HD21885 (17dBi MP Beam; 18"), HD21887 (17dBi MP Beam; 8-1/2")
***NEW*** Mobile WiFi Laptop Kit HD22115: Ideal bundle for boaters or truckers attempting to locate a remote WiFi hotspot.

PLEASE NOTE: The Non-Line-Of-Sight (NLoS) antennas below (external-mounted only) work best when installed 25 feet or higher above the ground. Please consider this when evaluating your site survey and buying coaxial cable.

Displaying products 1 - 2 of 2 results
HD21874-2, 2.4, 5 GHz Multi-Polarized, Indoor/Outdoor, Dual-Band Omni Antenna
Direct Online Price: $52.25
HD21874-2, 2.4, 5 GHz Multi-Polarized, Indoor/Outdoor, Dual-Band Omni Antenna
HD21874-2, 2.4, 5 GHz Multi-Polarized, Indoor/Outdoor, Dual-Band Omni Antenna
HD21875-2, 2.4-6 GHz Multi-Polarized, Indoor, N-Female Mount Omni Antenna
Direct Online Price: $110.95
HD21875-2, 2.4-6 GHz Multi-Polarized, Indoor, N-Female Mount Omni Antenna
HD21875-2, 2.4-6 GHz Multi-Polarized, Indoor, N-Female Mount Omni Antenna
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