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Online Gift Certificates

  • Our Online Gift Certificates can be redeemed only at or

  • Online Gift Certificates must be fully used within six months of issuance.

  • When you purchase a Online Gift Certificate, the buyer will be issued a PIN number (sent via e-mail) once the online order has been processed. The person to whom the Online Gift Certificate is issued to (the recipient) will receive credit valued at the face value of the Online Gift Certificate.

  • The Online Gift Certificate can be redeemed in one purchase or used in small increments; applied towards the total of an order including shipping, handling charges, and taxes (if applicable). If the order is less than the amount of the Online Gift Certificate, the remaining amount may be used at a later time. If the order total is more than the Online Gift Certificate, then the customer is responsible for paying the difference.

  • The recipient will be asked to enter their issued Online Gift Certificate PIN number during their checkout. The recipient of the Online Gift Certificate will need a credit card to check out and/or pay for any additional merchandise costs above the Online Gift Certificate amount.

  • For lost Online Gift Certificate PIN numbers, only the original purchaser of the Online Gift Certificate may request a reissuing (e-mailing) the unused Online Gift Certificate PIN number and this can only be given to the original purchaser of said Online Gift Certificate.

  • Please Note! It is the purchaser's responsibility to be absolutely sure that the e-mail address entered in the "E-mail To:" box (during checkout) is correct. Once the Online Gift Certificate is e-mailed, you are authorizing the recipient to purchase merchandise from our online store.

  • Unfortunately, due to recent fraudulent attempts, items bought via our e-store using an Online Gift Certificate PIN number require the shipping address to match the billing address of the purchaser of that Online Gift Certificate. We apologize for this inconvenience. We are forced to institute this change not just to protect our business, but to protect our valued and honest customers.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our Online Gift Certificates, please contact our Sales Department at 888.588.3800 ext. 25.

If You Understand And Agree To These Terms
And Wish To Purchase An Online Gift Certificate
Click Here

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