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Reseller Program

Effective December 10, 2008, HD Communications Corp. will no longer accept new customers under our old Partner Program. Customers who are current members of that Partner Program have the choice of continuing with the old Partner Program or our new Reseller Program.

PLEASE NOTE: In order to obtain reseller pricing and keep the reseller network clean we require a minimum first order of $500.00. The first order can combine multiple products from multiple vendors from our website, but must meet or exceed $500.00.

Our new Reseller Program is on a vendor-by-vendor basis. However, as long as you are a reseller of one of our vendors and login as a reseller you can purchase any vendors products at the reseller price. For instance, if your only interest is Ubiquiti products we suggest you apply for the Ubiquiti Reseller Program.

Below are downloadable links to applications for all the Reseller Programs we currently offer. Click on the appropriate link for the application download (Excel-formatted) for that particular vendor, complete and follow the instructions for returning
(e-mail to or fax to 1-631-588-3879 attn: Reseller Program).

While all vendors have different reseller requirements we will qualify you based on the requirements of the Reseller Program you are applying to. Most resellers have found our new Reseller Program to offer greater discounts then the old Partner Program. For additional information or questions, contact us at 1-888-588-3800 (U.S. only) or 1-631-588-3877 (outside the U.S.).

APPLICATION FORM (.xls download)
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