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Wireless Network Products;
A Ruckus Wireless Authorized Reseller

Get a up to $2,000.00 in Amazon gift cards with the purchase of select Ruckus Wireless gear. Amazon cards are sent to the same shipping address as the Ruckus gear after payment is confirmed. If an order is canceled or returned, after the item has shipped, the full value of the Amazon gift card is deducted from the refund since the purchaser will have already received their Amazon gift card credit.

Let us design your wireless network for free!

Educational and Government discounts are available. Contact us directly for price quotes 631.465.2110 or email to request pricing.

Ruckus Controllers
. ZoneDirector 1100 Series
. ZoneDirector 1200 Series
ZoneDirector 3000 Series
ZoneDirector 5000 Series
Ruckus Indoor Radios
. ZoneFlex R300
. ZoneFlex R500
ZoneFlex R600
ZoneFlex R700
ZoneFlex 7982 ($250.00 Amazon Gift Card)
ZoneFlex 7372 ($150.00 Amazon Gift Card)
ZoneFlex 7352 ($100.00 Amazon Gift Card)
ZoneFlex 7341 ($100.00 Amazon Gift Card)
ZoneFlex 7363 ($150.00 Amazon Gift Card)
ZoneFlex 7055 ($50.00 Amazon Gift Card)
ZoneFlex 7025 ($50.00 Amazon Gift Card)
Ruckus Outdoor Radios
. T300
. T301

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