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Shipping And Return Policy And Information

Note: Minimum Order Is $20.00

In memory of
Kevin M. Williams
and all those lost

during the tragic events of 9/11/01

Let Us Never Forget

God Bless America

- Standard Ordering, Company Warranty, Information, and Terms -

Please be careful to order the correct items.
If you believe what you are ordering is incorrect,
call (631.465.2110) or e-mail us.

Order Cut-Off Times For Same-Day Shipments:
Orders entered by 2 pm ET (non-holiday business day) - choice of UPS or FedEx.
Orders entered by 3 pm ET (non-holiday business day) - FedEx only.
Any order entered after 3 pm ET will ship the following non-holiday business day.

Please note: We can not ship to PO Boxes (UPS nor FedEx will ship to PO Boxes).
Note On Our Freight/Shipping Charges:
HD Communications Corp. only charges the actual cost to ship the item(s) to your location.We do not need to make money on freight charges. Beware of other online sites that quote you a low price and then add inflated shipping charges plus a handling charge. We also offer 15 minutes of FREE tech support for every product purchased from HD Communications Corp! Retail sites and stores offer no tech support.


Terms For Wireless Network Products Only:

All products (except Engenius Technologies and Ubiquiti) found to be defective may be returned within 30 days of invoice purchase date for replacement only. All product found to be defective after 30 days of invoice purchase date must be returned to the manufacturer for replacement. Customer is responsible for all freight charges to and from their location on all returns. Any product returned that is not found to be defective will be returned to the customer at their expense.

There are NO returns on Engenius Technologies' products; all sales on these items are FINAL. This includes defective Engenius products. Eclipse WiFi offers no technical support on Engenius products. All returns and support on Engenius products are strictly through the manufacturer and their website.

All returns on Ubiquiti products, including defects, regardless of purchase date is strictly through the manufacturer. All returns to Ubiquiti are for replacement units only. See this link for Ubiquiti's RMA page. The only exception to this is if the manufacturer's original factory seal is still intact and within 30 days of the purchase date from Eclipse WiFi Corp.

On all other items, there are no returns after 30 days of invoice purchase date
. Sales of antennas, wireless devices (WLAN cards, PCI adapters) and cables will only be accepted with prior return material approval. Any manufacturer's factory seal on the packaging of all wireless radios must not be broken. A 15% restocking charge will apply to all returns. All products MUST be returned in their original carton and in NEW condition, with all packing material, manuals, software, and accessories. Simply stated, in order for us to issue any type of credit, we must receive the returned item exactly as you received it. No cables will be accepted if the cable jacket is damaged, or if the cables have been cut or altered in any way. All antennas must not have been mounted or installed.

ANY RETURNED ITEMS RECEIVED BY ECLIPSE WIFI CORP. THAT DOES NOT CORRESPOND TO THESE TERMS WILL BE RETURNED TO THE CUSTOMER AT THE CUSTOMER'S EXPENSE. We can not issue credit on freight charges. Freight charges for returning products will be the responsibility of the customer. HD Communications Corp. will repair or replace any defective antennas or cable for a period of 30 days from date of invoice.
Antennas or cables returned after 30 days up to 90 days and only with prior approval will receive HD online store credit only, and no other form of credit will be issued. All returns require an approved RMA number prior to return. Returns received by HD Communications Corp. without an authorized RMA will be returned to the customer at the customer's expense. Please call us so we may e-mail you an Eclipse WiFi Corp. RMA form, terms, and instructions on returning items.

Terms For All Other Eclipse WiFi Corp. Products:

All returns for non antenna and cable products must be approved prior to return and may be subject to a restocking fee. Please call customer service for an RMA number prior to return. No returns will be accepted without an RMA number on the outside of the box. Returns received by Eclipse WiFi Corp. without an authorized RMA number will be returned to the customer at the customer's expense. The customer is responsible for the cost of freight to and from their location. We can not issue credit for freight costs. Eclipse WiFi Corp. is not responsible for returned material shipped from your location until it is signed for at our location. HD Communications Corp. will repair or replace any defective material for a period as listed for that item. Most products are warranted for 90 days unless warranty period is otherwise specified. If period is not listed the customer may contact customer service to inquire as to the warranty period for that product. Credit card transactions are traced. Eclipse WiFi Corp. will pursue any fraudulent transactions and will take whatever legal actions are required to obtain compensation for any loss involved. Eclipse WiFi Corp. is a New York State business registered and incorporated under the laws of the State of New York. We have been in business since 1991 and are an equal opportunity employer.

You Do Not Require A Re-seller Certificate To Place An Order.

Only New York State Residents Without A Re-seller Certificate Are Charged NYS Sales Tax.

Warning: We pursue and will press charges for all credit card fraud. In addition, we will legally pursue all costs for damages for material as well as legal fees. All IP addresses are recorded with each transaction and we have successfully pursued, pressed charges, and recovered on past fraudulent transactions.

Note: Minimum Order Is $20.00

If You Prefer To Place Your Order By Phone
Please Call


FedEx Orders (Online Or By Phone)
Shipping The Same Day,
Must Be Made Before 3pm EDT/EST
UPS Orders (Online Or By Phone)

Shipping The Same Day,
Must Be Made Before 1pm ET
Orders Made After These Times

Will Ship The Following Business Day.
(This applies to items that are in-stock only)
Our Telephone Office Hours Are
Monday - Friday; 8am to 5pm ET

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