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HD Communications Corp.: WiFi Design Service & Consultation, and Installation
Terms Of Consultation and Wi-Fi Designing

HD Communications Corp. is proud to offer our professional WiFI consulting services. Allow us to design a reliable and efficient 802.11 wireless network for you or your company. Whether for home or business, our in-house WiFi tech reps will design a Point to Point (PtP), Point to Multi-Point (PtMP), or WISP solution based on your provided detailed site specs that are specific and unique to your situation. Our WiFi design team has a huge resume of clientele; from municipalities to schools to hotels to campgrounds and RV parks and more.

The Service
All our WiFi design and consulting services are customized and site-specific. The fee of all our WiFi design and consulting services is credited towards your hardware order with HD Communications Corp. and to implement this recommended design solution. Larger and more sophisticated designs are available on a custom-quote basis. This can include multi-SSID, location-based networks, RFID networks, and more.

You asked we delivered!! We now offer customized and site-specific WiFi design, consulting services, and installation geared specifically for:
  • Basic Design Service (HD23650) - allows for a design plan and solution that covers multiple areas (or clients) up to three (3) locations or points.
  • Hotel/Motel (HD28063) - allows for a design plan and solution that covers multiple areas (or clients) in a hotel, motel, Bed and Breakfasts scenario, or similar situation.
  • Campgrounds/RV Parks (HD24643) - allows for a design plan and solution that covers multiple areas (or clients) in a campground or RV park scenario, or similar situation.
  • Marinas (HD24655) - allows for a design plan and solution that covers multiple areas (or clients) in a marina scenario, or similar situation.
  • Campus/Municipalities (HD24657) - allows for a design plan and solution that covers multiple areas (or clients) in a college/school campus or public muni scenario, or similar situation.
  • Long-Range Wireless Camera Solutions, Up To 10 Miles (HD26055) - allows for a solution plan that covers multiple areas (or clients) for long-range wireless cameras, up to 10 miles.
  • Looking for Wireless installation - Contact us for a quote on installation at or call 631.465.2110.

These unique services allow for a design plan and solution that covers multiple areas (or clients) in these particular scenarios.

What You Get
What we deliver to you for this service is a .pdf document containing diagrams of the network design, an IP addressing plan, a Wi-Fi channel plan, a materials and hardware list (a quote), and an implementation plan.

Upon purchasing any of the above design and consulting services, please forward HD Communications Corp. your complete and detailed site specs regarding your specific application (e.g., digital illustrations, images, hand drawings, etc.). This includes all relevant points, hardware (wireless products used at those points if applicable), as well as distances and obstructions between those points.

We recommend using Google Earth, a free online software, as the utility of choice for providing us with your site specs.

These detailed site specs must be received by HD Communications Corp. by fax (631-588-3879; attn: WiFi Designs) or e-mail ( Please refer to your order number when submitting your site specs. File types accepted via e-mail attachments are .jpg, .gif, .pdf, .kmz, .vsd, .xls, .doc, and must not exceed more than 2 megs in file size or we will not receive the e-mail.

Also include the best daytime phone contact and availability. Once our design reps look over your plans, we will call to discuss your situation, recommend, and quote a solution. WITHOUT THESE REQUIREMENTS, WE CAN NOT PROVIDE A RELIABLE SOLUTION.

All of our WiFi design services listed above are a free service. However, we hold a deposit (see each service for this amount) until ALL the equipment we recommend on your quote is purchased from HD Communications Corp. If the equipment we recommend is not purchased from HD Communications Corp., the deposit is not refunded.

To purchase our 3-point design service, please see HD23650. For our campground design service, see HD24643.

For our Wireless Device Configuration Service, where we will pre-configure your wireless devices (purchased through to your network specs, please see HD23566.

For further details and questions, please call our Tech Support group at 631.465.2110 (U.S. only) or 1.631.465.2110 (International). Our hours of operation are 9am - 5pm ET, Monday through Friday.

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