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Side-By-Side Comparison Of Xirrus Wi-Fi Arrays

The Xirrus family of Wi-Fi Arrays provide an unparalleled level of capacity, range, coverage, and performance to the Enterprise. Now the ability to securely deliver voice, video and data (Triple Play) to large user populations is realized at reduced deployment and ownership costs.

The Xirrus Array represents the next generation in enterprise wireless LAN (WLAN) architecture – combining the functionality of a WLAN switch/controller and Integrated Access Points (IAPs) in a single device. The Array delivers Gigabit-class Wi-Fi bandwidth to an extended coverage area simplifying the wireless LAN setup, deployment and management.

Because the Xirrus Array connects to the existing Ethernet network and doesn't require a centralized WLAN switch or appliance to operate, a Xirrus deployment reduces the number of devices to install and manage greatly simplifying a Wi-Fi deployment.

Intelligent Spectrum Management
  • Dynamic channel assignment and monitoring of interference optimizes spectrum usage
  • Each RF Sector size can be controlled, creating an adaptive pattern of desired coverage or to limit RF “bleed” outside of a building
  • Load balances clients across the Integrated Access Points based on changing load conditions
Enterprise Grade Security
  • Supports the latest wireless encryption and authentication standards including IEEE 802.1x, WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) and IEEE 802.11i AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) for the protection of data
  • Monitors the RF environment for rogue access points and other security threats by dedicating one 802.11a/b/g IAP as a full-time RF WLAN sniffer
  • Interfaces with external RADIUS servers to ensure proper authentication and accounting of users – also includes an embedded RADIUS server to support smaller deployments
  • Each rray ships in a secure mode with the RF interfaces disabled ensuring the system is completely secure from installation through start up
  • Physical security of the Array is provided through a Kensington Locking mechanism
  • Authentication for newly deployed Arrays can be automated using the optional Xirrus Centralized Management System
Deployment Efficiency – Superior TCO
  • Simplifies Wi-Fi deployments by reducing the number of devices to install, manage and support
  • Modular design allows for the replacement of Integrated Access Points for future upgrades as new standards become available
  • Xirrus offers a Centralized Management System (XM-3300 / XA-3300) providing central management when large numbers of Arrays are used - automatically discovers, authenticates and configures new Arrays as they join the network making deployments quick, easy and secure
  • Installation is straightforward using the included Ceiling Mounting Kit and Template or using the Ceiling Enclosure
  • Features multiple points of redundancy including failover modes for the dual Gigabit uplink ports
  • Adjacent RF sectors and the internal omni-directional antenna provide proper RF overlap to continue service in the unlikely event of an Integrated Access Point failure
  • Complete Array failover is made possible by allowing a secondary Array to be used in a "hot standby" mode

The Integrated Access Points are co-located in a circular configuration and use a high gain, Multi-sector Antenna System to deliver increased directional transmit and receive gain in all directions yielding up to 4x the coverage area of traditional architectures.

Product Specific Information:
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802.11a/b/g Radios
4 4 4
802.11a Radios
12 4 0
Total Number of Radios
16 8 4
Number of Integrated Switch Ports
16 8 4
Uplink Ethernet Ports
2 Gigabit 2 Gigabit 1 Gigabit
Maximum Wi-Fi Bandwidth
864 Mbps 432 Mbps 216 Mbps
Integrated RF Security Monitor
Yes Yes Yes
Max. Number of Users per Radio
64 64 64
Max. Number of Users per Array
1024 512 256
Number of Voice Calls per Array
180 84 36
Number of Video Streams per Array
45 21 9

General Specifications:
Wireless Standards Supported
Gigabit Ethernet Interfaces
XS-3900: 2 Redundant Gigabit Links
XS-3700: 2 Redundant Gigabit Links
XS-3500: 1 Gigabit Link
Fast Ethernet Interfaces
1 Fast Ethernet Link for out of Band Management
Serial Console Port
RS-232 RJ-45 Serial Console Port for Local Configuration
Integrated Switch
2.1Gbps integrated wireless switch
Dedicated  Integrated RF Monitors
One Integrated Access Point can set to a dedicated RF Monitor
2dBi Omni-directional Antenna
System Memory
XS-3900-16: 768MB System RAM
XS-3700-8: 512MB System RAM
XS-3500-4: 256MB System RAM
System FLASH Memory
128MB Compact Flash
Expansion Slot
XS-3900: PCI-X Slot for Future Functionality
XS-3700: PCI-X Slot for Future Functionality
5GHz Antenna
Integrated 6dBi Antennas
2.4 GHz Antenna
Integrated 3dBi Antennas
External Antenna Connectors
XS-3900-16: 3 RP-TNC Connectors
XS-3900-8:   3 RP-TNC Connectors
XS-3500-4:   1 RP-TNC Connectors

Security Features:
Wireless Encryption Modes
Line speed, hardware-accelerated encryption modes:
WEP 40/64
WEP 104/128
Wireless Authentication Modes
Pre-shared Key
802.1X EAP
MAC Address ACL
Integrated RADIUS Server
Integrated 802.1X Authentication Server supporting EAP-PEAP
Rogue AP Detection
Integrated Rogue AP Detection and Alerting via dedicated internal RF Monitor
Packet Filtering
Rule-based packet filtering
Time of Day Access
Specify when SSID access is allowed
Secure Management
Secure HTTP (https)
Secure Shell (SSH)
Enable/disable management for any interface
Read-write and Read-only administrator accounts
Station-Station Blocking
Station-to-Station traffic blocking feature
Interface with Xirrus XA-3300-IDS Wireless Intrusion Detection and Protection System for Real-time Wireless Security Protection

Quality Of Service Features:
Multiple SSIDs
16 unique SSIDs per Array Each SSID beacons a unique BSSID per radio
VLAN Tagging
802.1Q VLAN support
Supports 16 VLANs, each VLAN is assignable to an SSID
QoS Support
802.11e wireless prioritization,
802.1p wired prioritization
Wireless Voice Support
Automatic support for Spectralink Voice Priority (SVP) protocol

DHCP Server and DHCP Client
Multiple DHCP Pools
DNS Client  
Spanning Tree
IEEE 802.1D Spanning Tree Protocol
802.1Q VLAN tagging

Management Features:
Https Web Management Interface
Command Line Interface
Industry-standard command line interface via SSH, TELNET or Local Serial Console
SNMP V2 support
Configuration Files
Import, export, and compare text-based configuration files
Xirrus Management System
External Layer 3 Management via the Xirrus Wireless Management System

Mechanical & Environmental:
0-55C, 0-90% humidity, non-condensing
Lockable mounting plate,  Kensington Lock slot
AC Power 90 to 265VAC or 48VDC @ 2A 
XS-3900: Diameter 18.68in (47cm) x 3.8in (9.8cm)
XS-3700: Diameter 18.65in (47cm) x 3.8in (9.8cm)
XS-3500: Diameter 12.58in (31.95cm) x 2.58in (6.55cm)
XS-3900: 9lbs, 12oz, (4.4kg)
XS-3700: 9lbs, 12oz, (4.4kg)
XS-3500: 3lbs 8oz  (1.59kg)

Product Approvals:
FCC Part 15
FCC Class A certified device
UL/ CuL Approval
CE Mark

One Year (extendable)
90 days (extendable)

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