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ZyXEL G-1000
ZyXEL ZyAIR G-1000 802.11g Wireless Access Point, Zyxel G-1000
G-1000 ZyAir from ZyXel Ultra fast Acess Point
MSRP: $179.99
Direct Online Price: Discontinued.

Detailed Description

The ZyAIR G-1000 is a Wireless LAN Access Point compliant with the IEEE 802.11g standard. The ZyAIR G-1000 delivers higher data rates of up to 54Mbps and is a highly secure, reliable, and easy-to-use wireless LAN solution for residential and business applications. Standard features include powerful security mechanisms such as IEEE 802.1x user authentication and Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA)*, both of which allow users to communicate and access data with efficient link quality and high-level network security.

The ZyAIR G-1000 allows users to connect both 802.11g WLAN clients and 802.11b WLAN clients at the same time. Additionally, for a wide range of flexibility and movement, users can easily integrate the ZyAIR G-1000 wireless connection into an existing wired network by using the built-in Web-based configurator.


  • 54Mbps Data Rate with IEEE 802.11g Compliance
    The ZyAIR G-1000, which is based on the IEEE 802.11g wireless standard, operates at a 2.4GHz frequency. Compliance with the IEEE 802.11g standard ensures that the ZyAIR G-1000 will interoperate with any Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11g and IEEE 802.11b compliant wireless device.

  • High-level Network Security Based on WPA* and IEEE 802.1x
    ZyXEL's ZyAIR G-1000 provides the complete security architecture consisting of Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA)* and IEEE 802.1x user authentication standard for wireless networks. These features guarantee secure wireless communication and secure data transfer over the wireless LAN.

  • User-friendly Installation and Configuration
    A simple installation procedure makes establishing a wireless LAN with the ZyAIR G-1000 fast and easy. Experts are no longer needed to pull cables through walls and ceilings; therefore minimizing the costs associated with the initial installation. Additionally, the Web-based configurator allows users to install and manage the device with unforeseen ease.

  • Scalable and Easy to Deploy
    A wireless network served by the ZyAIR G-1000 may be easily extended with the addition of more access points. Such network expansion allows for seamless integration into a wired network, thus increasing mobility to an Intranet and Internet without restricting workspace freedom, or sacrificing network performance.

  • Seamless Link Quality Around Home and Business Office
    The ZyAIR G-1000's variable, high-powered antenna provides seamless coverage throughout your wireless LAN infrastructure and allow users to share network resources and equipment with high link quality. User can take their laptops and enjoy network access anytime and anywhere.

    * future firmware upgrade

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