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How To Contact Us
Technical Sales (pricing, availability, & product info); dial 631.465.2110
Business Hours:
9am to 5pm (ET); Monday through Friday

Sales / Order Processing:
Technical Support / Pre-Sales Support:

Fax Line: 631.794.2400


A Note Regarding Our Tech Support Services, Pre-Sales Questions And Recommendations
Eclipse WiFi Corp. Tech Support reps require exact and complete details regarding your specific wireless situation in order to suggest accurate and cost-efficient solutions. Because of this we prefer to offer technical support recommendations via telephone rather than e-mail due to missing site variables.

If you require point-to-multi point recommendations and solutions (wireless bridging between 3 or more points), Eclipse WiFi Corp. offers WiFi design services for all external and internal wireless network applications. Please see our website for more details regarding this service.

Our Technical Support reps at Eclipse WiFi Corp. will be happy to discuss with you, by phone, our antenna solutions in regards to extending the range of your wireless devices or answer questions you may have on the wireless network products you find on our website. Please dial 631.465.2110 (within the U.S.A.) so we may thoroughly discuss your wireless needs and requirements.

Eclipse WiFi Corp.
offers technical support on products purchased ONLY from Eclipse WiFi Corp. If you purchased your product any place other than Eclipse WiFi Corp. you should contact the manufacturer or the point of sales party of that product directly for technical support. Other issues (such as rebates, warranties, returns after 30 days of purchase, software downloads or replacements) should also be directed to the manufacturer or POS for that device.

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Phone: 631.465.2110

Fax: 631.794.2400

Business Hours